Song of Love and War by Cales

Love is in the sword and the pain is in the kiss
Teach me how to love and i´ll show you how to fight!
You have to face the depths of your pain to understand you as Light
love is the perfect war because you do it against yourself
love is the ultimate trap of the gods who created you
the gods whom you belong to until you free yourself by sword

did not learn how to love – only being free by the sword

and this is my destiny until you kiss me

– once again –  in this whirlwind of timelless ilusion!

Your kisses are the connection of the existence multiple dimensions

as the stars link the light in the deep darkness of the void

wanna feel the moisture of your pleasure in my chest, very close to my heart…
– how many days you need to teach me everything you know ?
– It Depends … if you wanna stop to breathe…


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